Coventry Welcomes The World


Joining Coventry University was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It doesn’t only binds me in a relationship with this university but with this place ‘Coventry’ as well. I found out that Coventry is a multicultural place, where you don’t only see Churches but also come across mosques and temples. It gives me a feeling of my country. Being an Indian, from my childhood I have seen diverse cultures and communities and respected them all. I feel so good it’s the same thing here and it gives everyone a chance to meet the people from different culture and understand their culture.

iffatmalikWhere we have already seen and read so many times ‘Coventry Welcomes The World’. There are wide ranges of societies in Coventry and you can join and be a part of them. Coventrians like to celebrate all the culture and they like to be a part of all the festival and celebrate it in a fabulous way. Culturae Mundi has done the same thing, where it has given us the chance to enjoy and feel like home even when we are away from home. Where all the students miss their families especially on the big occasions and festivals, Culturae Mundi gives them the chance to celebrate the same even in a wider way with other people who would love to celebrate this event as well. It gives them the chance to make new friends and explore their culture.

Being an Indian Muslim, I got the chance to not only celebrate, Diwali, Eid or Holi but I also got the chance to celebrate and learn new things about different cultures as Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Africa Day, St Patricks Day and many more.