Chinese New Year 2014, news article




Remember the tale of ageless dynasties, vast and reigning kingdoms of the Far East in the golden age of mythical dragons and unique customs of days long gone.

That’s just a fragment of what Chinese New Year seeks to conserve amid times when the effect of modernity is moving to inundate and sink ancient mores, and the appeal they use to hold.

As the Chinese Culture Society at Coventry University convened to celebrate this eventful moment which is the Chinese New Year, Year of Horse in the Chinese calendar, the glory of the olden days was immensely credited and venerated for providing both context and meaning to the present achievements of Chinese people and the colourful diversity of Asian traditions.

It was all about the beauty of the orient, its sophistication and vast civilisation, journeying from Cantonese culture to Thai romanticism, even Nepalese customs got a piece of the show, which transported a thrilled audience through the splendour of Chinese dance, music and history.

Celebrations of Chinese New year went further to showcase the strong fraternity between the range of societies and student organisations in the university. Where at the same time Linguae Mundi had its own contribution in form of an educational game, which doubly engaged the beautiful audience, the occasion attracted a convergence of dignitaries and students from all walks of life.

‘This is what Coventry University is about’ fusing global cultures to advance the educational processes which enable connectivity’. Said Andy Caldwell, International Office of East Asia at Coventry University, before joining his colleague’s to sample some delicious Chinese cuisine being served.

‘The Chinese New Year is the most important moment in Chinese history, recalling both the past and present progression of the Chinese people’ according to Jianjiang Kuang the Second Secretary from the Chinese embassy who revealed the staggering population of Chinese students studying in the UK and Coventry university.

Well if you are reading this piece, which really failed short of doing justice to an overly exciting event, Culturae Mundi wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year rejoicing in the magnificence of an ancient empire which laid the foundation of a great nation.


By Ebrima Jatta

Culturae Mundi – Journalist

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