Go Green 2014, news article



By Ebrima Jatta

Nothing is more vital and urgent today than the need to build a green and sustainable world safe from pollution, waste and everything promoting contamination. With changing weather conditions affecting lives and livelihoods across the globe, this is just the moment to raise the challenge towards a maintainable ecological future.

This is the spirit behind the go green week that brought together, the Coventry city council, culturae mundi, the British heart foundation and a host of other partners bent on advancing the cause towards the attainment of a sustainable future for the world. From the 4th to the 5th of March, the big theme was a green future and ecological conservation.

Coventry University amid such activities like the big green bike challenge aiming to promote cycling. Conducted under the aegis of the smart networks and smart choices project, this activity according to Sam Cooke, aspires to inspire confidence and safety in biking through free courses, exciting quizzes and drop in sessions were counsel and training is provided to people for free.

All geared towards a worthy cause, the occasion also saw the exhibition of hydrogen vehicles whilst several stations offered free bicycle service and maintenance. Yet the security friendly rides around Coventry might be the most thrilling piece of the weeklong event.

‘Green week is a chance to think of how we can all work on being a bit more sustainable in our day to day lives’ Said Selina Fletcher the go green event organiser. ‘This year we wanted to support the national climate week and bring people together within the university and local area to join forces on climate change.

The event organiser observed how this years occasion has been a great success with film shows, lectures, information stands, competitions and a range of other activities helping to get more people involved and raise awareness of this important issue.

In Coventry the quest to build a sustainable world has taken a strong and significant dimension and the all-important message, is go green.