International Music Night 2014, news article



By Ebrima Jatta

A night of music, melodious songs and resonant drum beats touching every continent and culture will possibly stay in the memory of all those who witnessed it, without a break. The real message of this night is global unity and multicultural harmony yet as tradition goes its not expressed in words but through music.

A festive crowd who relished every moment of the delightful show of great converged for what is usually the biggest event before the university takes a breather from academic quest as Easter looms closer.

Performance’s sampled every genre; from rock to rap journeying as far as the Far East to India whose exotic culture was incarnated by Sandstorm, a musical trio focusing mainly on instruments. ‘Vocals is not our thing, we don’t really sing’ said Siddharth the guitarist who nonetheless went to sing a great song for in the groups final performance.

Its truly amazing how cultures unite via music producing a singular effect portrayed in how one song from a distant corner of the world can affect the entire globe. At culturae mundi, the quest to unify in diversity and advance cultural experiences is never ending which is why the international music night coming at the close of the term for Easter break becomes the icing on the cake sampling the best entertainment the university has to offer.

That music is life, became incredibly recognized as the night went to produce musical flair and the exposition of great talent from various artists and performers. And the dimension was particularly global unifying both vocals and instruments from diverse parts of the world to celebrate cultural unity.