International Board Game Fair

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International Board Game Fair
By Faizul Khan

Once again, the Team (CM) Culturae Mundi is back with a bang! And this time around on December 12, 1-5pm at the Coventry University Hub CM promises to make you conserve all the body heat and keep you indoors in this spectacular chilly winter. So, in the warmth of some dynamic decoration, with the presence of racing opponents (but all for the good cause of fun and games) CM welcomes you to its Winter Season`s dazzling finale – the International Board Game Fair.

Imagine the joy of playing all the indoor board games that you loved so much – Bang, Dixit, Go, Mancala, Ludo, Chinese Checker, Saboteur, Carrom, Uno and Dominos – snuggled up in your comfort warm attires with a hot mug of your favourite beverage and reliving all the childhood memories. It can all come back and you can have a wonderful start to your Christmas break.

This event is designed not only to make you visit memory lane but to get involved socially and culturally with students/participants from around the globe in one festive extravaganza where you will experience tradition, culture and of course the thrill of winning. For example the game GO is a game involving two players originating from ancient China and its mystic traditions of acupuncture, herbal tea or martial arts, 2500 years back. Needless to say this game boasts the quintessential arts of cultured Chinese scholars. Chinese Checker is also an exciting game of strategies which originates from the country of the current world champions of Football – Yes Germany! And then if you feel like a light-hearted recreational game, there is always Ludo…of snakes and ladders and the joy of rolling dices. This is almost one of the most popular family games which come from the period of Akbar and the land of Royal Bengal Tiger – the majestic Indian subcontinent. Again, wait till you have experienced the magic of Spaghetti-Western gaming called Bang! Yes, this Wild-West themed game without guns, cowboy hats, rugged boots or duel situations was released from Italy and not so long ago – 2002. And interestingly, Bang won the 2004 Origins Award for the best traditional card game and graphic design awards.

Since fun knows no boundary, doesn`t require spilling of luck from rolling dices or the intellect to strategize…you can just come to the event and have some quality time with friends or even yourself and absolutely win some grand prizes – day trip tickets or movie tickets. Sounds interesting? Then don’t waste time and resister as soon as possible. Good luck!