722 TMX Engineer Batallion

722 TMX Engineer Battalion

In early 2016 governments within the European Union closed their borders, leaving almost 60,000 refugees stranded in Greece, with no way to make the journey to their destination countries further north. Faced with hosting the refugees, the Greek Government decided to reopen a number of closed-down army camps as temporary residences. The filmmakers visited one such camp, Camp 722 Engineer Battalion, in Alexandria, Macedonia, Northern Greece. This documentary explores the role of the army and NGOs in organising the camp, the daily lives of the refugees and the attitude of the local Alexandrians to their new neighbours.

Come along to our movie screening in the George Eliot building Room 403 on Monday 21st November at 17:00. This is the OFFICIAL UK PREMIER. You will have the opportunity to meet with the film director, Yiannis Koufonikos (Edge Hill University) along with the UK producer, Tim Kelly (Coventry University) and hear about the story first hand in a Q&A discussion session.

This event is free, but we only have a limited number of seats. Reserve your seat now by sending an email to Culturae Mundi on [email protected]