The Flamenco Fiesta concert

On Thursday 25th May, a flamenco fiesta was held at Drapers in Coventry to round up ¡Flamenko Coventry!. The event included flamenco dances by dancer Isabel Martin Consueqra Berrajon alongside flamenco guitarists, Marcos Young and David Shepard.
The Fiesta Concert began with a performance of flamenco guitar by David Shepard and Marcos, seats filled as the two began to play. Sitting on wooden stools with only two guitars and two speakers supporting them, the guitarists played classical flamenco music that captivated the audience. The whole setting and sound of the event made you feel as if you were sitting in a loud Spanish bar, watching a live performance of the flamenco art form.
The concert also brought fans of flamenco music out to celebrate, Lisa Dundas heard about the event on Facebook. She said, “I really like flamenco music and dancing. It’s been a wonderful night and the performances were spectacular”. The diverse crowd which attended the event proved that flamenco is only enjoyed by Spanish people, rather, its beauty can be appreciated whether or not you speak the language. David Shepard, the guitarist said, “I was inspired by flamenco music by local Spanish people, which is how I got into playing flamenco guitar”. He has been playing flamenco guitar since he was fourteen years old. He told us he enjoyed performing at the event and that “it is always good to perform with other people. I have never performed with Isabel before so it was a really new experience for me.”
As the night progressed people began to get even more indulged into the flamenco music by bobbing their head and tapping their feet. David also said, “we’ve done the event in a way that is pretty authentic, if you went to a flamenco show in Madrid it would pretty much be like this”. Those who attended the event were engaging with performances and the performers were greeted with comments after the event.
This year’s flamenco has been an amazing success. The conversations about the pioneers of flamenco music allowed one to appreciate the struggle that the flamenco art form has undergone to become a respected art form that is known internationally. Like many other cultures, the flamenco art form has a history of politics and social change in order for it to continue and progress. After learning about this poetic and beautiful art form, the Fiesta allowed me to not only enjoy the music and dancing but also its history.

Written by Yasmin Banner

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